I was born to Hindu parents in Pudhumadam village at Ramnad district in Tamil Nadu. My mother name
is Bhagvati and my father name is Swami Pandian. My father travelled to many places like Srilanka,
Burma and Malaysia and propagated the Hindu religion. He was so zealous in this faith that he went to
the extent of converting the Christians in my village into Hinduism. My parents also brought me up
strictly according to the rituals and traditions of the Hindu religion. Suddenly my father fell ill and was
bed ridden. No medicines could cure him. After his death, he was buried according to the Hindu customs
and rituals. The loss of my father brought many sufferings in the family. Many enemies rose against us
and we lost many of our property.

I came to Ramnad to complete my high school studies, there I got mingled with many worldly friends
and went to cinemas, got addicted to smoking and did many other sin. Eventually, my life became bitter
to me. I started searching for peace. I visited the temple day and night in search of peace. I spent a lot of
money on astrology but it was of no use. Vague thoughts came in my mind like “Why was I born? Why
did my parents give me birth?” I felt that it is better to die then to live. I decided to commit suicide.
One day, a young boy came to me and said “My brother, Jesus loves you”. I got angry with him. I
couldn’t bear to hear that word “Jesus”. Seeing my anger that small boy ran away. I really did not know
from where that little boy came. Another day the same boy came and told me “Jesus loves you”. I told
to that small boy “My religion is great. My God is great. Jesus is foreign God, why should he love me? If I
see you again then I will beat you.” After that I never saw that boy again.

In the year 1970, on a full moon day at mid-night, myself and my Hindu friend went to a nearby woods
which was behind my hostel. I never knew that my Hindu friend was a secret believer of Christ. My
friend left me alone and went to a far distance to pray. As I was thinking about Jesus, a bright light came
upon me from heaven. I could not behold that bright light. A fear came inside me. Without my
knowledge I knelt down. I started calling upon the name of Jesus. In that heavenly light I saw myself as a
filthy and wicked man. I could realize my miserable condition. A voice spoke in my heart saying “ YOU
I was crying and confessing all my sins which I had committed right from my childhood. In that heavenly
light I saw the crucified Jesus. His blood was flowing like a stream. When I saw this vision a great burden
of sin rolled away from me. The blood of Jesus cleansed me from all the sins. The heavenly light filled my
heart and I was filled with his presence. I received this great salvation of God in the place called Ramnad
Singara Thoppu. I realized that without knowing the Creator I was worshipping the creation.

I was really concerned as to how my family would react regarding my conversion to Christianity. Some
of my friends were Christians I went along with them to the church in south India. After that I attended
the Catholic Church. I liked the service which was conducted in the Catholic Church and I saw people
were praying with tears which attracted me. In those days I was continuously reading the Bible. The Lord
taught me the word of God. I came to know that the Lord hates idol worship. Then I went to the priest in
the Catholic Church and discussed about this. He argued with me but did not accept the word of God.
Because of this I stopped attending the service in the Catholic Church.

I was praying with tears to the Lord to show me people who worshipped him in spirit and in truth. At
that time God spoke to me saying that a group of youth will lead me to place where people worship him
in spirit and in truth. The Lord also spoke to me through the verse Jeremiah 3: 14 & 15 which gave me a
great joy and comfort to my heart. One Sunday evening I was in my room. Outside some youths were
preaching the gospel. At that time I recollected the words which the Lord spoke to me.I followed these
youths and found out the place where they were worshipping the Lord and that Church was called “The
Kirupasanam Prayer House”. (The mercy seat Prayer house). The Lord started talking with me
continuously. After receiving the counsel from God, I started attending the service and continued in
their fellowship and began to grow in faith. Pastor V.I Christian baptized me in water on the 16th of June
1974 and I was involved in the family of God.

Once I was praying alone in my room the Lord baptized me with the Holy Spirit with the sign of unknown
tongues. God gave me many revelations about doing his ministry. As I continued praying and reading the
word of God. I got a small job in the fish department at Rameshwaram. God spoke to me saying “WILL
YOU NOT SERVE ME?” I told God that I will do after fulfilling the responsibility towards the family. I was
suffering from malaria. Servants of God and the believers prayed for me fervently but there was no
deliverance. I reached the stage of death. Pastor. Christian prayed and asked me whether I want to do
the will of God or I want to die? I thought that there is no benefit for my family or anyone if I die. So I
decided to do the will of God. As I did this, malaria fever at once left me and I was filled with the power
of God.

Many people criticized my decision of doing God’s ministry. Because of this I tried for a job but again
was afflicted with sickness. Asking forgiveness from God, I renewed my decision of serving the Lord and
He healed my sickness. Praise be to God. By the guidance of God and my Pastor.V.I. Christian, I joined
bible college at Tanjore. I got lot of warmth and love from the students. Once when I preached in an all
night prayer for the youths, there the Lord anointed eight of them with the Holy Spirit.

The Lord gave me many spiritual experiences at Kanyakumari in Kanjiracode. I first began my ministry in
Kirupasanam Church at Ettamadai which was established by Apostle Sadhu Yesudhasan who was the
Chief and Founder of Kirupasanam Church of Christ. The Lord did many miracles in this place. Many
people got saved and were baptized by the Holy Spirit. Though the people here were poor, they were
full of love and were always in prayers.

Pastor Joy and Ceylon Rajenderan, prophesied about my ministry in Mumbai. I wanted to fulfill the will
of God. The Lord gave me many revelations and visions regarding my ministry in Mumbai. Likewise I
prayed to the Lord to fulfill his will. Accordingly the Lord opened a door for my ministry in Mumbai.

I had to face severe hardships in the ministry in Mumbai. I stayed at railway station for several days as
there was no proper place for worship or for my stay. Satan worked through believers and non believers
against me and the ministry in many ways.

Miraculously the Lord destroyed all the works of the devil and established the Kirupasanam ministry in Dharavi, Malad, Bhandup, Goregaon as well as in Pimpri at Pune. In Gujarat our branches are at Surat & Ahmedabad. The Lord is blessing the ministry in these places aswell. By the grace of God, Kirupasanm Church of Christ is growing rapidly in North India even today. All this is because of one who has chosen me. May His name be praised.

So together we will pray and win the victory and give glory to the Lord. AMEN PRAISE THE LORD.

All honour, praise and glory be to the Almighty God alone. Amen.