Good news of Jesus is shared to the rich and the poor, to the learned and the unlearned, urban & rural people, to children, university students, neighbours, crossing all barriers of language, culture and influence level. ”And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations – Mark 13:10”continues to be it’s driving force since its foundation. 

Active Evangelism aiming at saturation church planting in Cities, Villages and Tribal areas has resulted in 20 Worshiping fellowships in 5 states within India, among 6 Language groups, influencing more than 1 million People.

NIKCC strives to echo the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached people. Efforts have been made to present Gospel through efficient and strategic ways, considering the different groups of people, their languages, culture, social status and influence level.

Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings are conducted annually to break new grounds and to penetrate into the villages. 10 Mini meetings each reaching up to 800 to 2000 people and 16 Major meetings reaching 8000 to 15000 people, are being conducted every year.

Spreading message through missionaries

NIKCC has missionaries in different states in north. Good news of salvation is spread through those missionaries.

Children Evangelism.

More than 500 children are reached every year with the Love of Christ through Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools, Camps, Rallies organized by NIKCC