A person named Abel was living in the southern most tip of India, in district called Kanyakumari,
veeralikaathu village, in Terumbuvilai, in north west part near Mekkamandabam. His wife name was
Arumaikkan and she was also called as Kallukutiya as she was born and brought up in Kallukuttam

Mr. Abel used to practice medicine in his village and his forefathers were farmers, labourers etc. Mr.
Abel and his wife had four sons namely Devadasan, Yesudasan, Nallathambi and Chellappan.
When London missionaries started their ministries in parts like Kadumalaikundra and Mekkamandabam,
Mr. Abel and his family were helpful in it. They were enlightened about the salvation of gospel through
the missionaries. Even though they didn’t experience the spiritual life, they readily accepted Lord Jesus
Christ. They eagerly participated in the village ministries, church constructions and service.
Even though he was a medical practitioner, he himself was suffering from various sickness which made
him bed ridden often.

Abel encountered a deadly disease when his first son Devadasan was seven months old. His relatives felt
that he would die as doctors gave up. His wife and relatives began to pray bitterly.
A born blind prophet visited his house as per the command of Holy Spirit when his family was in deep
sorrow about his deadly disease. But his wife gave him a puzzled look. The prophet prayed for him with
tears in his eyes. While praying, Jesus revealed that “You would bear a son who would be a devotee of
Christ and he would take care of his flock. The Lord will perform great miracles through him. You shall
name him ‘Yesudasan’. This will be the sign of your healing”.

As the couple already had a son, they were expecting a baby girl. But as per the prophecy, they bore son on 2nd January 1912. According to the verse (Numbers 23:19), “God is not a man, that He should lie,nor a son of man, that he should repent. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”. As per His promise, the true God gave him a male child as well as healed his deadly disease. They named him “Yesudasan” according to God’s command. Yesudasan spent his childhood under the care of his maternal uncle namely Sivanyanam, Dharmakan, Anbudaiyaan at his grandmother’s home which was situated in Kallukootam. He completed his primary education from Neyyur Hakkar Puram school.

Sadhu, shares his testimony as a mischievous boy in his school days but later God transformed him into
a servant of God. When he was in 7th std., he attacked his maths teacher in anger. Due to this incident,
he was expelled from the school. Later he joined S.S.P school in Nagercoil where he stayed in hostel.
When he was in 9th std., he got involved in fight with a fellow student. He hit that student with a stick
and ran home in Kallukootam. He did not study further.

In his young age, he made some new friends in Veeralikaathu village. He started committing some sins
which are common in the youth. His parents were worried about his behavior and asked him to go for
work. He went to Madurai in search of a job in the year 1938 when he was 26 years old. Finally he got a job as an assistant in Madurai Nadar sangam. He worked there about 6 months but was not satisfied with his job so he left Madurai and went to Coimbatore in search of a job. He got a job in liquor shop. One day,
one of the partners in the liquor shop asked him to accompany on a trip to Kanyakumari since he
belonged to that district. As we was longing to visit his parents, he left half the way and went to his

When he reached home, it was locked. While enquiring with neighbor, he came to know that one of his
two brothers Nallathambi was suffering from critical jaundice and was bed ridden. He also learned that
they were praying for him in Church of Pastor. Johnrose at Kadamalaikundru.
Yesudasan was worried about Nallathambhi as he was more attached to him. He went to church and
fought with his parents saying, “If someone is ill, we should take him to hospital”. So he took him to
Neyyur Mission hospital and looked after him.

He took a vow to God that if his brother is cured, he would beg from seven houses and feed the poor.
Nallathambi underwent intensive treatment. Yesudasan took very good care of his brother. One
afternoon, when Nallathambi became very sick, he cried for water. Even after giving him water many
times, his thirst was not quenched. So he hit Nallathambi on his head with a hand-fan with anger. In the
next few minutes Nallathambi died. His death brought depression to Yesudasan.

He spent sleepless night thinking that his brother died because he hit him and couldn’t even give him
water to drink. He lost his peace and was heart broken. To get relief from his pain, he decided to fulfill
the vow which he took. So he begged from seven houses and fed the poor. He still kept crying thinking
of him. On the 16th day, after his brothers demise, Yesudhasan stood near his grave and was crying. At that moment, the Holy Spirit encountered him. God raised this question in his heart, “Son, where will you go if you die today?” For this, he thought that if I die today, I will surely go to hell. Even my brother must
have gone to hell so I should save my perishing soul. Finally he decided to accept Lord Jesus Christ into
his life.

He reached his home with many queries about salvation of soul which was raised by the Holy Spirit. He
started reading and memorizing bible day and night.
He confessed his sins and prayed with tears to God according to proverbs 28:13, “He who conceals his
sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” Lord Jesus Christ
cleansed him with his blood and filled him with joy of salvation. In the year 1940, when he was 28, he
was saved.